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Safe Mail Services ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this Safe Mail Services Review, Secure mail services are leading e-mail marketing in small company. Our web server enables people to transmit over 3000000 emails every single day. All readers could make us 100% junk e-mail law compatibility. I was incorporated within the listing of readers from the database security is promising, which means you know your ad is going to be clients know. People login via this site, all of the explosive to depart their email server. You do not like a number of our rivals are introduced to a 3rd party services. Because all of the explosive is created by our server to supply Internet services, so if you use the supplier doesn’t know you in using e-mail service.

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My first impressions of Safe Mail Services:

The web site is extremely impressive and appears quite professional and makes some very bold claims for example:

Safe Mail Services may be the leader in e-mail marketing for smaller businesses. Our internet based server enables people to blast over 3 Million emails daily. All readers are double opt-for making us 100% Junk e-mail law compliant. Our recipient database is stuffed with prospects who’ve requested to become incorporated within our safe-list, which means you know your ad will achieve real clients.

All blasts venture out from your own email server which people access through login out of this website. You won’t automatically get to a third party service like a number of our rivals. And also, since all blasts are carried out by our server your Web service provider may have no idea you’re even utilizing an email service.

Who’d take advantage of buying Safe Mail Services:

Getting compensated the $39 with this Clickbank digital product I setup my account with my private current email address and my  list address.

After delivering my first blast to three.a million readers and never received any site visitors through my link, Then i were built with a confirmation to my private current email address and absolutely nothing to my list address.

Getting queried this through support I had been advised the message is just confirmed to my private address. I figured that getting became a member of and decided to receive all people emails, why have I not received any yet?

It appears that nobody would take advantage of buying and joining the Safe Mail Services system.

My final words about Safe Mail Services:

I’ve been posting emails for any week now adding up to around 20 million having a connect to my new website so that as expected I haven’t received any traffic whatsoever.

If these so known as 3 million plus accounts on thier so known as safelist were genuine I’d have expected a minimum of 1% in site visitors i.e. 30,000 per mailout.

I’d be very cautious about any Email distribution service such as this and would certainly give that one Clickbank Scam each week!

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Safe Mail Services Review

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