Pageone Curator Review

If you are still hesitating to purchase PageOne Curator you’ve come to the right review page. On this page you are going to find unbiased PageOne Curator Review and newest analysis report before giving your own buying decision.

The TRUTH Will Shock You:

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PageOne Curator is a complete package of software and training that will allow you to drive more traffic, boost your rankings and curate blogs. All of this is done in a Google approved way so you do not need to worry about penalties or de-indexing!  PageOne Curator is awesome. If you are wanting to get your sites top notch quality content, without having to write it yourself or pay for someone else to do it, then you need to get PageOne Curator.

So what does this tool do exactly? It pulls content from designated feeds that you pick out, lets you review it to make sure its of the quality you want, gives you the option to pull videos and pictures, and then put it all together in a beautiful post that you can then send to your blogs. Thats right, you dont even have to pull up a web browser to log in. PageOne curator handles everything.

PageOne Curator – You will Get:

PageOne Curator Review

  • The App: The software on the front end is a desktop app written in AIR. This app will search over relevant content sources based on your keyword, allowing you to CURATE a post that has text, video and images – together with the relevant backlinks that ensure the Google love.
  • The Course: Curation Masterclass – This is a comprehensive course on curation that caters for advanced curators and newbies. It covers all strategies to enable an individual to create their curated blog empire. Curation Mastermind Coaching; 1 to 1 Skype coaching on curation.
  • The WordPress Plugins: SyndicatorPRO – this sits on the actual blogs themselves and automatically performs the manual tasks of social and web 2.0 bookmarking – so essential in todays post panda world.
  • PageOne LeadMagnet: The optin plugin essential to capturing options on curated blogs.
  • The Forum: Already in use – this is where the action happens and where members can share their experiences.

Here is a screenshot of the interface

PageOne Curator Review

Here are some key features of the software

  •     Everything is controlled from the software, from pulling the content, pics, and videos, to editing and posting to your blog, to tracking and monitoring of your results
  •     NO monthly fees(big plus for me, I hate monthly fees)
  •     Scheduling posts, both in the future and backdating
  •     Runs on PC or a Mac
  •     Slick interface, easy to use, but still powerful

There really is nothing to say but good things about this tool. The only thing I wished it had, as mentioned in my PageOne Curator Review post, was an option for full automation. I understand that keeping it semi-automated is what makes it really great, but I think it would have been fun to just have the option to setup up a few blogs on full automation. But PageOne Curator is definitely an awesome program, and if you get any more tools for the rest of the year, this needs to be on the top of the list.

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