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FB Optin App ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this FB Optin App Review. This post is about Derrick Van Dyke and Todd Gross – FB Optin App Review.Click below if you are looking for:

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What Is FB Optin App?

FB Optin App – Derrick Van Dyke and Todd Gross have together created one of the world’s biggest optin tools you have ever seen or tried ever before in your life. The powerful application doubles up your success by helping you send your offers to verified email accounts used by members of Facebook.

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FB Optin App – What I Got And You Will Get?

You can install FB Optin App application either on your wordpress blog/website or Facebook to build up a bigger optin-in list that you can continuously used for future marketing, whenever there is a special product to offer to them. The optin list can be used in any preferred way of your desire, you can use it to get email address of people and let them directly access your page or else you can make them to verify their email account before seeing your page. The choice is just yours.

  • What I Find Most Useful About FB Optin App? This is a unique tool, useful for facebook, and WP marketing, enabling you to grow your optin list. You can also use specific templates within and be able to get your list keeping growing without using any squeeze page.
  • Who would Benefit Most From Purchasing It? I’m using the FB Optin App to one of My WordPress blogs and I’m quite impressed with the results. My optin list has increased by 30 percent in last three days and it’s marvelously working very fast for me.
  • Additional Skills Or Tools Needed To Get The Most Out Of It. You need to install the FB Optin App only and let it does the job. You should be getting general concept about it. Just read how it works.

My FB Optin App Review – In Depth Review

I will be giving my full FB Optin App Review as soon as I get access to the product which will hopefully be soon, what I do expect is that this product will be a software of some type and I am hoping that it will be a good software but ultimately I won’t know until I get my copy.

Besides the autoresponder… this is, quite possibly, the most powerful list-building tool ever created! The Optin App allows you to use Facebook Connect Technology to get higher conversion rates and build a list of active, verified emails.

Why is that a big deal?

  •     People trust Facebook and the name alone lends credibility to you and your business…
  •     You’re NOT getting a throw away email address that is rarely checked. You get their Official Facebook Email Address That They Actually Check Every Day!
  •     You can get a HIGHER optin rate than a simple optin form or squeeze page. Because all they have to do is Click on the Connect with Facebook button and click Allow and that’s it!

They NEVER have to enter their First Name, Last Name or even their email address. But you still get it!

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