Article Marketing Robot Review

Hi! welcome to my Article Marketing Robot Review. In this Article Marketing Robot  review I am going to tell you the truth about this software (yes I ACTUALLY use it…). There are a few things that I don’t like about it, but there are a ton of things that I like.

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Download Article Marketing Robot

Why Article Marketing Robot Works?

To begin with, let us discuss article marketing. Everyone knows it works. Everyone knows that links from content is much greater quality, than simply some links from forums or blog comments. Why? Consider this. If you need to make an essential decision, can you rather request for advice from somebody that you are aware of trust, or from the random person you have just met?

It is the same goes with backlink building. The hyperlinks from content is much greater quality, because Google trusts these websites, since they’re authority sites, not only a random forum somewhere that Google doesn’t have enough detailed information online about.

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Article Marketing Robot Changes

  • Remove Duplicates Utility added in Tools – Import. You can also remove an imported site by highlighting one or more sites and right-click, show blacklist, delete
  • Semi-Automatic Scraping utility to help you find sites that are outside the site list.
  • Import WordPress Blogs function
  • Proxies
  • Captcha Sniper Integration
  • Article Builder API Integrated
  • Resource Box Management
  • Database Migration utility
  • Bulk Blacklisting available in Show Blacklisted. Just paste in your URL’s you want blacklisted.
  • SQLite database is now the default database as opposed to MS Access
  • Check Queue every X minutes added if you are experiencing “not responding” on a frequent basis (tools – options)
  • Load Default Site List – Option to NOT load the public site list so that if you’re importing, AMR won’t compare imports to the public site list

My own Article Marketing Robot Review

Essentially, Article Marketing Robot software takes your article and submits it to a lot of many article sites. You receive two benefits: You receive direct traffic from article sites; You build back links two back links for your site in one article

Company, I stated it submits to a lot of sites. It’s my job to undergo about 1300 different sites and all of them provides me with two back links, and so i build 2600 back links having a push of the mouse! However, if you opt to submit your article at the same time to any or all sites, Google won’t such as this, unless of course it’s an old site (such as this site). But, with Article Marketing Robot there’s a choice that you should schedule the submission or articles.

You are able to decide to submit 50 articles every single day, or submit 100 articles every hour, or submit 50 articles every 12 hrs (this is exactly what It’s my job to do). Essentially, you are able to choose a variety of articles that you would like to submit in a time period. Nice! Obviously, you are able to submit your article to each directory at the same time, but honestly, arranging works far better, because nobody does this!

I like this factor is AUTOMATED. Registering for article sites is simple with this particular software, things are automated, and there is only one factor will be able to let you know about the built-in synonym thesaurus – it’s Garbage!

Yes, I stated that. I understand you would expect which i will say? amazing?, but this can be a honest review. As I have already stated, in built synonym thesaurus is garbage, this is exactly why I personally use The Best Article Spinner (that is actually the best, a minimum of after i am penning this review).

However, I do not like the truth that this software can be obtained for everybody – I recieve excellent results, but others abuse it, so there is a chance that the need for such type article links will decrease.

However nowadays, it works miracles. Even when you don’t spin articles. It’ll still improve your internet search engine ratings, just make certain that you don’t submit your article at the same time – schedule it, therefore it submits your article to 50 as much as 100 sites each day.

Your ratings will improve and can stay there and never disappear overnight (trust me, I examined this and when I blast articles, my ratings increases, only for around 1-3 days and they begin to fall off, but when I schedule my article, it really stays within the search engines like google).

Article Marketing Robot Cons

  •     35% – 45% from the total distribution fail (but I don’t know much better success with every other software)
  •     If you’re not going to utilize a service which will solve captcha problem, your existence will no more be nice?- However it costs just $1.25 for fixing 1000 captchas (it might most likely get you 3 hrs to resolve 1000 captchas, if a person captcha takes ten seconds to resolve. Trust me, it’s BORING, and so i recommend such services).
  •     When you purchase options, to ensure that it submits your posts as quickly as possible, your pc will end up super slow. I suggest selecting 15 threads, so that your computer doesn’t become very slow, whenever you submit articles. I attempted 40 threads, however it might be impossible to make use of my computer!

Article Marketing Robot DiscountArticle Marketing Robot Pros

  •     COMPLETELY automated once it’s setup
  •     Supports a lot of sites
  •     You are able to schedule article distribution
  •     Helps you to rank within the search engines like google FAST
  •     Simple to use
  •     Supports spinning syntax (to help you paste articles from The Best Article Spinner)
  •     Technology-not only to submit articles for your own network of WordPress blogs

Best Way To Use Article Marketing Robot

Article Marketing Robot Setup Process

  • If you use Article Marketing Robot, to begin with, you’ve to enroll in article sites. It’s a lengthy process if you don’t use something similar to, which will solve captchas for you personally, but when you utilize something like this, you are able to leave Article Marketing Robot to have an hour and then you simply click confirm accounts and you are done!
  • After about 24 hrs, I suggest that you simply repeat register and confirmation process, because you’re going to get a number of errors for unknown reasons.

Best Practices For Link Building Using Article Marketing Robot Software

  •     If it’s a brand new site, I don’t recommend posting your posts at the same time. This can certainly hit your website within the internet search engine results. However, if it’s a classic site, you are able to submit your article at the same time and most likely, it won’t hurt you, unless of course you stop link building compared to that page after doing one large blast. Remember, consistency is paramount!
  •     I suggest that you simply drip feed (schedule) your article, therefore it submits 50 articles every single day.
  •     Make certain that Article Marketing Robot is switched on, so that your scheduled articles could be posted.
  •     Don’t target only one keyword and don’t build links with one anchor-text. It’s my job to pursue 3 key phrases simultaneously and make links with 7 – 15 anchor-text versions. I strongly think that the greater natural your links are likely to look, the greater results you’ll achieve
  •     Spin your posts (this can get far better recent results for you), but don’t use rubbish autospun content. Used to do many tests by using it and never only article sites will prohibit your bank account, but Google can really read your posts and realize that you will find a lot of mistakes.
  •     I understand this, because Used to do a couple of tests and back links from articles with great British count a lot more. Also, should you visit Google and perform some searches, if you notice that should you choose a professional search, there’s a choice to select results that may be understood easily, so you will find no rare terms, so not submit rubbish articles.
  •     Whenever you publish something in your site, take that same bit of content and submit that to article sites with back links pointing towards the page that you simply required the information from, but do that only after Google indexed your primary article. Don’t spin this short article. From my experience, this tactic increases my ratings more, than simply simply writing another article and spinning it also it takes less effort… I suppose that Google thinks that the submissions are popular also it will get syndicated, this is exactly why the give this boost.
  •     Use as numerous category suggestions as possible.
  •     Don’t use Article Marketing Robot like a one tool for backlink building. Yes, it’s very effective, but when you utilize only this bit of article marketing software, these links will forfeit how much they weigh. Attempt to acquire some social bookmarks, comment links, high PR links, in content links plus some profile links too, so that your back-link portfolio looks very natural.
  •     Make use of a service like to resolve the captcha problem

This is actually the finish of Article Marketing Robot review. To conclude, this is actually the best article marketing software that I have ever used – saves considerable time and heck, you only have to purchase it once, there’s no monthly monthly subscriptions. Other tools such as this charge monthly costs of $27 – $67 each and every month!

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