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AIS System ReviewHi! Welcome to this Chris Cobb AIS System Review. Are you wondering whether you should buy the AIS System by Internet marketer Chris Cobb? Chris is a highly experienced marketer and he loves to spread his knowledge to the people around him, teaching them exactly how he earns an online income from home comfortably while spending as little as 2 to 3 hours per day. AIS System is an internet marketing written and audio home study course and membership training program created and run by online marketer Chris Cobb. The course provides instruction on how to create automated income streams on the internet that will eventually allow you to earn a full time income from home.

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AIS System Overview

One of the first things that internet marketer Chris Cobb tells you on the sales page for his AIS System course is that it is not about things like investing, online auctions or multi-level marketing. It is about building several automated income streams using the system that Cobb outlines in the course, so that you have money coming in continuously from several sources.

Cobb isn’t real forthcoming about anything that the AIS System course contains, but he does offer the first course module for only $1.95 so you can check it out and decide if you want to continue with the course. Reports are that it contains information about affilaite marketing, building opt-in lists and working with Google Adwords. In the written course module, Cobb claims, you’ll learn a lot about the system that he developed for making tens of thousands of dollars each month–or more. More than likely he isn’t going to reveal absolutely everything in the module, because his goal is to get you to stay with the course at $29.95 per month, but he does state that it will provide step by step system instructions.

Cobb does throw in some bonuses if you agree to the $1.95 trial offer of AIS System. Besides the workbook delivered to your door, he’ll also throw in a DVD recording of himself talking about his system and how he developed it. He also promises to give you a personal consultation over the phone.

AIS System Review – Reputation

There is only a small amount of feedback on AIS System at this time, but most of it is positive.
There is some feedback on Chris Cobb and other programs he has created. Some of what is out there about him isn’t good. There are claims that Cobb promised a lot and delivered little, didn’t refund money when it was warranted, and that his programs have been weak at best when it comes to making money online. That being said, a lot of people have defended him against these complaints, and say that his programs work if you put in the effort. It looks like a judgment call.

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