Affiliate Prophet Review

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Affiliate Prophet Review

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Affiliate Prophet Review

  •   Author Name : Peter Yoon
  •   Official Website :
  •   Supreme Feature: 100% Money Back Guarantee before 60 days
  •   Price: $48.50

Affiliate Profit is really a testing and tracking tool that will assist you obtain the most from your Adwords campaigns. Dealing with Affiliate Prophet is simple – all that you should do is copy a code on your own website. After that, the machine almost operates by itself. The Affiliate Profit has 6 main modules:

AIDA Formula Tracker

Identifies and predicts the profitability of the keywords and squeeze pages.

Quick Affiliate Tracker

Lets you track which keywords cause conversions by dynamically inserting a tracking ID in your squeeze pages.

Easy Split-Tester

Enable you to split-test approximately 3 pages of that time period. You can attempt different headlines, graphics, price, background color, etc.

Affiliate Spy

You are able to compare as much as 3 different affiliate marketing programs to determine what the first is the most profitable. Allows you to point your affiliate links to your page that you would like (it is possible to, as an example, skip landing pages and point your affiliate links directly to the sales page).

Dynamic Website landing page Creator

Allows you to dynamically insert keyword-phrases to your squeeze page. It’s 2 benefits: zinc increases your conversions because those believe the page is much more highly relevant to their search phrase and boosts your Pay per click quality score.

Profit-Guaranteed Keyword Finder

Identifies the keywords which can be causing you to money and lets you filter unprofitable keywords. User friendly with green and red light indicator that can help one to simply drop the red keywords and concentrate about the green ones. Tracks even Adwords Content Network to the stage of specific keywords.

In general, the Affiliate Prophet is a good tool for dealing with Adwords campaigns. It’s got several positive aspects over Google Analytics, allowing for one to quickly optimize your campaigns and supplying you with an advantage over your PPC competition.

Customer Testimonial

Peter has really delivered an exceptionally effective visitor monitoring system in Affiliate Prophet, also it absolutely over delivers on precisely what you’ll be able to need when it comes to visitor tracking and performance, understanding that really is just the beginning, since this software is going to do greater than just tracking – Nick Earl

I am working with AP each day and that i just don’t want to miss it. Peter did a really great job with all the features as well as the user friendly interface. One of the best feature is AIDA split testing. You are able to setup this test within a couple of minutes and it can boost your sales 200%. For any internet marketer this software really is a must must create successful campaigns. - Steffen Dietz

I have been using Affiliate Prohpet for pretty much weekly now and i’m amazed. It was the simplest software program that I have experienced to put in. Now to create a fresh campaign takes no time in any way as well as the information that we are getting from Affiliate Prophet is priceless. As all experienced marketers know, exams are vital to make money online. But exams are costly. Expensive in clicks and dear over time. Not anymore. I reckon I’m now only spending 10% of that time period and cash I was before and achieving a much better result. Also, each and every time Specialists you a question I’d a rsponse within hours. It is a major plus personally and someone else who isn’t a software genius.Peter, after by using this product I do believe you might be passing on away on the price you might be charging. Affiliate Prophet may be the one software program that will easily level the arena between your novice as well as the Guru - Nigel Maskery

I’ve been using Affiliate Prophet for quite a while now also it takes what initially seems to be an intricate process, and can make it childs play. Now i have total treatments for my campaign keywords and detailed statistics of methods these keywords are perfoming so that you can seperate the wheat in the chaff. I’m able to totally focus on high performing keywords that will make us a profit, and lose those who are costing me money. – Jeff Usher

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